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  Wester Hailes Civic Square  Edinburgh


Wester Hailes Civic Square was originally part of a much
larger project which involved the re-development of the
existing shopping centre at Wester Hailes to include a
new Library and Civic Offices. As part of this project, local
residents were questioned to determine their aspirations
for the new civic square. The results of this survey formed
the brief upon which Allan Murray Architects and ourselves
developed the proposals.


The key issue of the project was to create an urban square
which would have a strong sense of place to encourage
people to spend time there. This space would become the
focus of the social, political and cultural life of the Wester
Hailes Community.


The design is deliberately simple and open. It also includes
a large number of elements which where requested by the
local community. For example, the square has been
designed to accommodate temporary tented structures
which are used annually for the Wester Hailes festival.
Among the permanent structures within the square there are
play areas, purpose designed bus stances and a newspaper
kiosk. All of which were requested by the local community.



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