John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Trinity House  Edinburgh


John Richards Landscape Architects have been commissioned
by Cala Homes to prepare landscape proposals for their Trinity
House development which has been masterplaned by Richard
Murphy Architects.


The natural character of the Trinity House site has had a strong
influence on our landscape proposals. The site has an existing
woodland which consists of a canopy of mature broadleaved and
evergreen trees. Over time these trees have become crowded
and overgrown. Our proposals have therefore focused on keeping
the best trees and felling the poorer specimens to create a
lighter more open woodland. This will allow the introduction of a
diverse ground cover of woodland edge shrubs, grassland and
drifts of bulb planting.


Within the south facing central court the character of the
landscape changes to neatly mown lawns and simple large beds
of lavender which compliment the geometry of the building. Whilst
to the north and west of the site, new car parking is softened with
avenues and groups of Maple, Hornbeam and Gean trees.


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John Richards Landscape Architects, 2009