John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Newington Lodge  Edinburgh


As part of a wider project to Newington Lodge which includes
the restoration of the front garden area to its original 1850s
plan, this small Japanese garden is to be developed in a
shaded part of the garden to the west side of the house.


A key element of the design was the need to minimise the
traffic noise from the adjacent Newington Road. We therefore
introduced a small waterfall into the design as this would help
cut down the traffic noise and also create a restful ambience
to the whole of the space. All other elements where kept as
simple as possible, amounting to carefully selected rocks,
 gravel and a minimal number of plants. As we were keen to
create a modern interpretation of a Japanese garden, the
central pathway, which meanders through the centre of the
space has been designed as a distinctly modern element
which contrasts with the more traditional form of the other
garden elements.


The garden is scheduled to start on site this autumn. The
images shown here outline the character of the elements
which are being used.



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