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  Merchants House Garden


In 2005, John Richards Landscape Architects were appointed by
The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, to work in collaboration with
the artists Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Jannsen in the design of a
garden for a 17th century merchants house in Kirkcaldy.


A key aspect of the design, has been relating a modern garden
design back to the history of the house. This has been achieved
by emphasising the garden's productive nature. Hedged vegetable
plots have been introduced, these are formally planted with leeks,
beetroot, peas, lettuce and cabbages, and are contained within
circular rosemary hedges. The planting of an avenue of apple,
pear, cherry, and plumb fruit trees, also emphasises the link with
the gardenís 17th century use.


In the future the garden is to be used for performances and
community events. Therefore a performance area, benches and
a community table have been introduced into the garden. The
benches and tables have been commissioned in Scottish Green
Oak and are being constructed by local craftsmen. A simple
pathway joins all these elements together, meandering through
a grass meadow planted in snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and


The project is currently in development and the images below
show the character of the proposed planting and paving.



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