John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Two Houses in Lindrick  Doncaster


As part of a development of two new houses by Fergus Purdie
Architects in Lindrick, Doncaster, we were commissioned to
produce landscape proposals.


Our strategy for Lindrick breaks the site down into three
associated landscapes each with its own distinctive character.
At the broadest level the site's existing perimeter woodland
forms a natural backdrop to a more formal landscape of
driveways, garden areas and roof terraces. The woodland
backdrop was dominated by Sycamore with Birch, Lime, Holly
and Yew forming occasional features. The poorer specimens
of Sycamore have been felled to allow the planting of a range
of indigenous trees which will add natural and visual diversity
to the backdrop. The design emphasis in the garden areas is to
introduce more ornamental tree and shrub species which will
contrast with the woodland backdrop. Here trees such as
Jaquemont Birch, Scarlet Rowan, Autumn Cherry will create
seasonal interest and Scots Pine and Brewers Spruce add an
evergreen element. The garden shrub beds have an emphasis in
architectural plants such as Rhododendrons, Mahonias and




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