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  Inverness District Landscape Assessment


John Richards Landscape Architects where commissioned
by Scottish Natural Heritage to prepare a Landscape
Character Assessment of Inverness District as part of their
National Programme of Landscape Assessment.


The aim of the study, was to produce an illustrated
description and analysis of the landscape character of
Inverness District, and an examination of the nature of
change which may effect the landscape now and in the
future. The users of the report include SNH, the Planning
Authority, and others involved in making strategic planning
decisions to identify possible effects on the character of
Inverness District.


The report highlights the key characteristics of a number of
landscape character types and the possible effects of forces
for change within these. It then outlines general landscape
design principles which will help to ensure that future
change will relate to the qualities which make Inverness
District unique and special.


The report was published in 1999 and the examples to the
right show some of the illustrations produced to indicate
the effects of agricultural funding, housing development and
infrastructure changes.

Inverness District
Landscape Character Areas
Moorland Plateau
Farmed and Wooded Foothills
Narrow Wooded Glen
Rugged Massif Key Characteristics
Crofting Settlement Key Characteristics
Existing Woodlands   Extended & Managed      Unmanaged

              New Road                                Associated Services

Decline in patterns of enclosure               Managed pattern
     Crofting pattern     Forestry coalescence    Small woodlands
  Housing at woodland edge            Housing focus at road edge
Traditional village development  New housing contrasting focus

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