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  Gracemount Community Park  Edinburgh


The restoration of the walled garden at Gracemount and its
proposed use as a Community Park was first instigated in a
masterplan for the whole of the Gracemount area by Allan
Murray Architects. Originally, the interior space within the
walled garden was to become a garden for the disabled which
would relate to the conversion of the small stable block into a
new disabled centre. This proposal was eventually superseded
by the project outlined below. In this scheme, we designed the
outer orchard area as community park and toddlers play area,
and the inner walled garden was proposed as community


As Gracemount house is a Grade B listed building, the
associated walled garden and orchard walls were carefully
reconstructed to match existing using local limestone and
lime mortar pointing. Traditional slop moulded bricks were
also used in the reconstruction of the brick inner wall to the
walled garden which was then finished in limewash.


The garden is now being actively used by the local community
who have also undertaken their own community project within
the walled garden, this was televised recently on the Beechgrove
Garden Television Programme.

The project received a Civic Trust Award in 2001.


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