John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Royal College of Surgeons  Edinburgh


In 2005, John Richards Landscape Architects were appointed
by The Royal College of Surgeons to prepare landscape proposals
for a new entrance court associated with the development of a
new teaching building by Adam Dudley Architects.


The design creates new route and entrance court between the
19th century Playfair building and a new teaching block. The
landscape proposals have been kept very simple. The route and
court are paved in just one material, Caithness Stone. Subtle
patterning is introduced into the paving by the cutting and laying
of the stone. The main route is laid in Caithness Stone slabs,
the court is surfaced in Caithness Stone setts and peripheral
spaces are surfaced in knapped Caithness Stone. The shaded
character of the site has influenced the development of the soft
landscape proposals. Shade tolerant ferns and grasses form a
distinctive backdrop to the court areas, whilst yew hedges form
the main landscape structure to the space.


The project is currently in development and the images to the right
show the character of the landscape proposals.


  Plan of New Entrance Court

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