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  Broughton Road  Edinburgh


The Broughton Road Study was commissioned by The New
Town, Broughton and Pilrig Community Council and was funded
by the the Edinburgh Environment Partnership Grants Scheme.


The report looks at the key landscape issues affecting the
quality of the urban environment of Broughton Road and offers
landscape proposals which might make a positive contribution
to the well-being of the local community.


The participation of the local community has been key to the
development of the project. As a result of an initial community
workshop, sites were identified for study. Moving on from this,
a series of outline proposals where prepared which formed the
basis for a more detailed workshops and agreement on the
scope of the final report. Due to the project's emphasis on
community involvement, it has been designated as a European
Union 'Demos' project; a pilot demonstration project in the
improvement of local democracy.


The report itself looks at a number of study areas along
Broughton Road. It explores each in detail with simple
sketch designs and photographic precedents which help
explain the eventual character of the spaces being
discussed. The examples shown here are some of the
graphics used in the community workshops and final report.


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