John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Bacardi  Puerto Rico


After completing the landscape proposals for the Aberfeldy
Distillery Visitor Centre we where commissioned by John
Dewar's parent company Bacardi, to develop landscape
proposals associated with the development of a new visitor
centre at their distillery in Puerto Rico.


The development of the new visitor centre, created the need
to accommodate an additional 150 cars into a once beautiful
site which had over recent years become marred by the
rather chaotic nature of its existing car parking. In order to
allow the new visitor centre parking to be integrated into the
site sensitively, we developed a masterplan for the whole of
the site, which focused on the re-design of all parking areas
and their integration into the site with additional structure


The proposal breaks down into four distinct, but linked parts:
the creation of a new visitor car park; a new link between the
existing visitor pavilion and the new visitor centre; revised
parking for the existing labs and offices, and enhancement
of existing structure planting.



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