John Richards Landscape Architects  
  Aberfeldy Distillery


The development of a new visitor centre at Aberfeldy Distillery
by Simpson and Brown Architects, created the need to
accommodate fifty car parking spaces in a rural setting. The
existing car park was characterised by an expanse of rough
hardcore with scattered oak trees backed by mature broad-
leaved woodland covering the slopes of the adjacent hillside.
It would have been possible to accommodate the additional
cars with a minimal reorganisation, however the overall effect
of this would have been the creation of a sea of cars which
would have detracted from the distilleries rural setting.


In principal the concept behind our proposal was to integrate
the new car park into the surroundings by extending the
adjacent woodland to encompassed the additional car parking.
This created a new woodland setting which allowed the
additional cars to be accommodated with a minimal visual
impact on the surroundings.


The car park itself was surfaced with crushed gravel and larch
log dividers which where obtained from a local source. The new
woodland blocks within the car park were planted with a mix of
indigenous broad-leaved trees encompassed within beech
hedges. In planning terms all routes from the car park lead to a
central milling area from which there is a clear view of the new
visitor centre.



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