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  Abbotsford Park  Edinburgh


As part of a development to convert a nursing home into flats
by Elisabeth Roxburgh Architects, we were commissioned to
produce landscape proposals.


As the flats are to be let, a key issue in the design of the
landscape is that the gardens will need to be relatively low
maintenance whilst retaining a garden character which will
enhance the setting of the original Victorian Villa.


Our starting point was to think about the original Victorian villa
garden. This would have been quite formal, probably consisting
of simple linear borders, gravel paths and lawns with some
formal tree planting. Whilst not embarking on a garden
restoration project, we decided to use these simple Victorian
elements to create an understated design which will hopefully
compliment the character of the original house.


At a more detailed level we were also influenced by nineteenth
century planting interest in the use of rows or avenues of pruned
trees hedges. The design of the garden reflects this in its use of
ball headed Robinea trees, pruned Ligustrum hedges and
cushions of Box planting. The beds are also planted in simple
blocks of perennials, shrubs and climbers. These are unified by
their colours which range from white through pale pinks through
to purples and blues.


The project is due to start on site in the spring. The images to
the right outline the character of the planting which is being used.



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